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Just a quick question, what's a good conversation starter to have with Elsa and/or Anna?

Anything you can think of is good, really! But asking what they’ve done that morning/where their friends are/questions about their favorite things to do will probably get you the best answer from them. They want to be able to see as many people as possible each day, so they often can’t be as detailed as they would like, but they always like telling brief stories about what they’ve been up to.

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Frozen Summer Fun on Flickr.

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I miss Arendelle and the kingdom of Hollywoodland really bad right about now, but swimming with Ariel has been pretty fantastic today too. 

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Thanks to wiicked26 on Instagram for this picture :)

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I had my last sing along for a while. I’ll be back at some point, but for now, there are exciting things on the horizon!

But I’ll miss my favorite sisters a whole lot.

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There were never such devoted sisters

pc: livingwithamouse

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This feels silly to ask, but do Ariel and the other princesses and characters enjoy meeting older guests? I'm in my 20s and I love to meet the princesses but sometimes I feel out of place, like I'm wasting time that belongs to children or that the characters and attendants must think I'm childish or strange.

Ariel and all the princesses adore meeting guests who are young adults! They are so fun to have conversations with and they understand jokes that sometimes go over kids heads. Don’t feel weird about wanting to meet your favorite princesses, especially if you’re enthusiastic and like to listen to the princesses’ stories. It’s nice having people to talk to because many of the kids are so starstruck that they don’t actually bother to have a conversation :)

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Met Ariel today and thought she reminded me of a friend of yours! She was such a delight. :)

Yay!! I’m glad you had fun :D I’d been on vacation for a while so it was my first back swimming for a while.

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So at the end of the Frozen Sing-Along Elsa was belting that high note like she does but then to her misfortune a paper snowflake landed right in her mouth. I was laughing so hard. Then when I saw that I actually captured photos of the occasion I started laughing even harder omg

When reality slams into our let it go expectations. Also this might be my favorite character picture. ever.

So Elsa, how’d it taste?